Elementary Principles

Hebrews 6 vs 1-3 tell us that there are some ‘elementary principles’, or if you will, some foundational subjects that Christians should understand. It is important to have a good grasp of the basic ‘framework’ of our faith, for one very important reason, and that is so that we can go onto perfection – becoming more Christ-like. Doctrine is fundamentally important, but is only the starting point. The real joy and objective of the Christian life is learning to love Jesus more each day, and to be ‘conformed to His image’ (Romans 8:29).
Hopefully these study notes on some key doctrinal topics will help you to put the pieces of the jigsaw together, so that we can step back and look at the beautiful picture created by Scripture, and it will come as no surprise to find that the picture is none other than Jesus Himself!
May God bless you as you grow in knowledge and His grace.

Pastor Barry.

Dead Works vs. an Active Ministry

Hebrews 6 vs 1 speaks of ‘dead works’; that is work done by sincere people, often in the name of Christ, but without the Spirit of Christ. Put simply,  an enthusiastic human effort to do things in a misguided attempt to appease God, aka religion. One of the great wonders of the Gospel of God’s Grace […]


The Rapture of The Church

The word ‘rapture’ is one that most Christians will have come across at some time or another. However it is a sad fact that the subject is rarely discussed or explained from the pulpit, leaving many confused and uncertain as to what, and who, to believe. It would seem that many people prefer to ignore […]


What The Bible Says About Judgment

Introduction The word ‘judgment’ occurs almost 300 times in the Bible; over 100 of these references speak of a specific time or day of judgment for “all those who dwell on the earth” (Luke 21:35 / Isaiah 13:6-13 etc.) in other words, everyone! In the book of Matthew, we are told that for every idle […]


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