Words of the wise

King Solomon said that a fool thinks he needs no advice, but a wise man listens to others (Proverbs 12:15 Paraphrase).
Throughout the history of the Christian church God has raised up men and women to speak ‘the wisdom from above’ to those who have ears to hear.

James tells us that this wisdom is:
1. Pure Gr. Hagnos (doesn’t intentionally cause offense)
2. Peaceable Gr. Eirenikos (opposed to the use of force)
3. Gentle, Gr. Epieikes (appropriate, with moderation, meek but not week)
4. Easily entreated Gr. Eupeithes (good for persuasion)
5. Full of mercy Gr. Mestos Eleos (full of active compassion)
6. Good Fruits Gr. Agathos Karpos (Good fruit that is plucked and ready for use)
7. Without Partiality Gr. Adiakritos (does not distinguish but is fair to all)
8. Without Hypocrisy Gr. Anupokritos (does not conceal feelings by pretence)

This series of posts and comments are from Godly people who have something to say to this generation.
There is no intent to offend anyone, but rather to ‘speak the truth in love’.

May these comments challenge, encourage and edify you.

Every Blessing

(Wherever possible we have given credit to the author/publisher at the end of the article).

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