Happy New Year…

Well wasn’t 2016 a rollercoaster year! Who would have predicted Brexit, Cameron resigning, Trump elected, over 14,000 earthquakes (greater than magnitude 6.0), over 1800 Terrorist attacks worldwide with over 17,000 related deaths, not to mention all the high-profile celebrities who have died in the last 12 months?  It was a good reminder that we are all mortal and the one thing we can be certain of in this life is uncertainty!

For those without an anchor, the world is a really stormy sea to be sailing on right now!

The Bible, however, speaks of there being an anchor for our souls (Heb 6:19), that can keep us both sure and steadfast.

Jesus is that Anchor. He can give you reason, purpose and hope in this crazy world. We would love to share with you more about our Solid Rock.

We are going to start 2017 looking at a vital topic, particularly given the current situation in the Middle East and around the world, The Rapture of the Church. What is it? When will it happen? Why does Paul call it a Christian’s ‘blessed hope’?

We are then going to go back to the beginning and start a verse-by-verse journey through the Book of Genesis!

We’d love you to come and join with us on a Sunday morning if you are in the Portsmouth area, if not, you will be able to listen to all the sessions by going to the Teaching & Audio section of this web site.

May I wish you a very happy and blessed 2017, as you ‘walk in His way’! (Psalm 119:1-3)

Pastor Barry



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