Prelude to Wrath

On Sunday morning’s we are continuing to study through the book of Revelation – one of the most fascinating books of the Bible. Firstly it is the only book that promises a blessing simply for reading it (see Rev 1:3). But this is a book that has been slandered, more I’m sad to say by believers than unbelievers. The greatest slander is the lie that this is too hard to understand! Let me remind you again, the very reason God gave us this book was that we might know the things that are shortly to come to pass!!

This book should not be brushed aside, especially in the days we are living in. We need to know the things this book reveals for two fundamental reasons:

1) So we can know what is going to happen – and the reason that is important is that it WILL affect the way we live out lives when we come face to face with the reality of these things. I would argue that it is almost impossible to read and understand these things and remain unaffected. The change that God desires to bring about in your life through reading this book is a greater desire for holiness. Not a commonly used word today I know, but when we see the how fragile and temporary the things of this world really are, we should reach to all that is of God, and turn away from any notion of compromise in our Christian lives.

2) The second reason to read this book is so that you will be equipped to reach out and try to drag others out of the impending doom by telling them about Jesus Christ, His great love for them and the way of escaping God’s wrath that He has already paid for on their behalf! That might sound overly dramatic, believe me it’s not. Nothing the world has seen so far could prepare if for the time ahead of it. If you have friends, or even acquaintances, if you care even slightly for them, you must tell them before it is too late, because very soon the Last Train will be leaving (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).

The following are my study notes on chapter 14. My you be blessed, challenged and encouraged as you continue to study God’s Word!


Chapters 11-14 are parenthetical chapters, that is, they are inserted into the unfolding revelation to give added information. Chapter 14 is a sort of snap-shot view that leads into the last 31/2 years with various events being mentioned that will be explained more fully in the subsequent chapters.

Chronologically, this chapter sits at the mid-point of the seven year time of Tribulation, with some of the events that are mentioned taking place at the mid-point itself, and the others starting at the mid-point and carrying on through the last 31/2 years, concluding with the infamous battle of Armageddon when Jesus will return to crush His enemies and establish His kingdom.

It is worth keeping in mind that what we have seen take place on the earth to this point has been the ‘beginning of sorrows’ as defined by Jesus in Matthew 24.  These are just the birth pains if you will. We are now about to move into the Day of the Lord – the Great Tribulation.

Although we have reviewed this already, it would be beneficial to refresh our memories regarding what the rest of scripture says about this time:

Jesus said:

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:21-22)

Isaiah prophesied:

“Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty. Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man’s heart shall melt: And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames. Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.” (Isaiah 13:6-9)

Jeremiah prophesied:

“Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it”. (Jeremiah 30:6-7)

Amos prophesied:

“Therefore the LORD, the God of hosts, the Lord, saith thus; Wailing shall be in all streets; and they shall say in all the highways, Alas! alas! and they shall call the husbandman to mourning, and such as are skilful of lamentation to wailing. And in all vineyards shall be wailing: for I will pass through thee, saith the LORD. Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him. Shall not the day of the LORD be darkness, and not light? even very dark, and no brightness in it?” (Amos 5:16-20)

Zephaniah prophesied:

“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly. That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers.And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.” (Zeph 1:14-17)

Zechariah prophesied

“Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, and thy spoil shall be divided in the midst of thee. For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle”. (Zechariah 14:1-3)

Paul said:

“For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (1 Thess 5:2-3)

Chapter 14 is divided into 6 sections:

–The redemption of the 144,000    v1-5

–The everlasting Gospel proclaimed   v6-7

–The fall of Babylon   v8

–Judgment on those who take the mark   v9-11

–Tribulation martyrs   v12-13

–Prelude to wrath   v14-20

Introduction to verses 1-5

The first section of this chapter is from verse 1 to 5 and deals with the 144,000 who we were first introduced to back in chapter 7. In essence the passage is simple in that we see the 144,000 with God’s name on their foreheads at the end of their ministry standing with Jesus whom they will follow and serve. They sing a song that only they can learn and we are told that they are virgins, which may well mean physically but certainly spiritually in that they have not become defiled with the idolatry rampant on the earth.

Among scholars there is a question concerning where this scene is taking place and when? We are told in v.1 that they are standing with the Lamb – obviously Jesus – on mount Zion, but from scripture mount Zion could be either the earthly mount Zion which is the City of David i.e Jerusalem (see 2 Samuel 5:7), or the heavenly mount Zion (see Hebrews 12:22).

If this mount Zion is earthly Jerusalem, then this is a vision looking forward to the time of the Second Coming when Jesus will return and establish His kingdom on earth; this would also mean that the 144,000 would have remained on earth throughout the Great Tribulation, which in itself does not pose a problem because they have been supernaturally sealed so could easily endure this time.

However, I believe from the details given that these events will be taking place in heaven (along with other events recorded elsewhere in scripture) just prior to the commencement of the Great Tribulation on earth. As we now look at these verses we will observe the details given which should help us reach our conclusion.

Rev 14:1

And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.

As we begin the chapter John sees – and he wants you to take not of this – a Lamb. This is obviously the same Lamb (Jesus Christ) as he had seen in chapter 5, but there John had been particularly drawn to the fact that this Lamb had the ‘marks of slaughter’ (‘as had been slain’). However, associated with this Lamb are not only the marks that tell of His great sacrifice, but also wrath. Back in chapter 6:16 the wrath of the Lamb is spoken of. This is, of course, a strange metaphor, as we don’t tend to think of lamb’s as capable of displays of power and wrath! J Vernon McGee comments:

“From the days of Abel to those of John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus is depicted as a lamb. The apostle John calls Him “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Rev. 13.8). In other words, God did not choose the lamb because it possessed characteristics of Christ, neither did He choose it for the sacrificial aspect. God created such an animal to represent Christ. Christ is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world, before any lamb was ever created”.

“The Lord Jesus Christ has the qualities of a lamb. He was meek (Matt. 11:28–29). He was gentle (Mark 10:14). He was harmless —You never see a sign saying, “Beware of the lamb.” You see “Beware of the dog,” but not of the lamb. He was humble… His coming was a doxology. His stay was a blessing. His departure was a benediction. Even the unbelieving world has been fascinated by His life. The lamb sets forth His sacrifice. Abraham said, “… God will provide himself a lamb …” (Gen. 22:8), and God did provide Himself a Lamb.

But what about “the wrath”? Wrath is strange and foreign even to the person of God, is it not? God loves the good. God hates the evil. He does not hate as you and I hate. He is not vindictive. God is righteous, God is holy, and He hates that which is contrary to Himself. He says that Jehovah is a man of war. He is strong and mighty. He is mighty in battle. The gospel reveals the wrath of God. Paul said, “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness” (Rom. 1:18). Look at this world we are in, my friend. It already reveals the wrath of God, the judgment of God.

It is like mixing fire and water to bring wrath and the Lamb together, but all the fury of the wrath of God is revealed in the Lamb…

There is a day coming when the wrath of the Lamb will be revealed. Somebody says, “I thought He was gentle and would not punish sin.” My friend, God said, “Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him” (Ps. 2:10–12).

a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand,

Notice where the Lamb is. He is standing, not as we saw him in chapter 5 in the midst of the throne to be worshiped and adored, but now is risen from His throne and is ready to make war.

As this scene seems to occur before the Second Coming, Jesus must still be in heaven, so the implication here is that the 144,000 have been caught up to His throne once their work on earth is completed. This, in part, answers the question we raised in the introduction.

…having his Father’s name written in their foreheads”.

In the last chapter we saw the False Prophet cause all people to take an identifying mark to show their allegiance to Antichrist. Here we see that God has set apart His own, and it is the Father’s name they receive on their foreheads. We are not to be ‘branded’ by this world, but rather we are God’s property, having been purchased at the highest price! (1 Cor 7:23). In Revelation 3:12 we noted Jesus’ promise to the overcomers: “I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.”

Our lives are (or should be) reserved for just one Name; and it is the Name above all Names!

Rev 14:2

And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

The voice of many waters simply illustrates the power and force of this act of worship. In heaven no one will be complaining about the songs or singing half-heartedly! As John listens he hears the wonderful music of these heavenly harpers doing what they do best… Harping!

Rev 14:3

And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

Note that we are told that they are redeemed from the earth. In Greek the phrase is ‘agorazō apo ho ghay’ which literally means that they were ‘purchased off/away from the earth’. This would certainly seem to suggest that the mount Zion they are standing on is the heavenly one, and therefore they have been raptured/caught up to heaven at the end of their ministry.

Also we should note the song and who is singing it. “And they sung as it were a new song before the throne” This could, at first glance, be presumed to be the harpers, but remember, we have been specifically told that the ‘harpers are harping with their harps’. ‘Harpers playing’ would suffice, but the Holy Spirit sees fit to underline the fact that the harpers are harping with their harps – which is what harpers would do isn’t it? Without wishing to harp on about it (pun intended!) the point I am trying to make is that they are harping and not singing, just harping.

This means the ‘they’ is referring to the 144,000, who we have already seen are the subject of these verses and who are singing the song before the throne, which again places them in Heaven. From a grammatical perspective, we have the 144,000 introduced in verse1, we are then told that that a voice is heard like many waters and as the voice of thunder – surely this is what 144,000 people singing could sound like – along with this we have our harpers harping on their harps, and then we are told that they sung a new song – who is the ‘they’? Who is it that has reason to sing? Who is the subject of this passage? The 144,000 themselves.

In addition to this we told in verse 3 that only the 144,000 could learn the song. Without splitting hairs, if only the 144,000 could learn the song, then that excludes the harpers, whose job is to harp on their harps anyway!!

If we place this event on earth at the beginning of the Millennial reign of Christ, we have another problem, and that is that the elders in this passage are still in heaven! Having already established that the elders are the Church (see notes on chapters 4 & 5), we know that the Church will come back with Jesus at the Second Coming. This would seem to rule out the possibility that this event could take place on earth at the beginning of the Millennium as some scholars have suggested.

Another point worth mentioning that would place this event in Heaven at the mid-point of the tribulation is the context in which it is found. All of the other events in this chapter take place at the mid-point of the tribulation, or start at the mid-point and conclude at the end of the Great Tribulation.

Finally, as we will see in a moment, an angel is sent to preach the ‘everlasting gospel’ to those who dwell on the earth. The question that comes to mind is: why send an angel to preach the gospel if the 144,000 are to stay on earth during the last 31/2 years to do just that?

Is this not doubling up on resources?  Now this is admittedly a shallow argument because obviously God can do what He likes and His resources are limitless; we don’t have to understand why God does what He does for Him to be able to do it! However it would seem to make a lot of sense for the angel to be sent if what we are seeing in these verses is the rapture of the 144,000, knowing that the two witnesses have also just finished their ministry and have been caught up also. If this is the case, the sending of the angel to preach the everlasting gospel (whom we will be introduced to in v6) is yet another act of mercy on God’s part, without which there would be no testimony during this time.

Therefore we conclude that, given these observations, and indeed the fact that everything else in the book fits together so neatly and in sequence, the mount Zion referred to is the Heavenly mount Zion and that this event takes place at the mid-point of the 7 year Tribulation as the Great Tribulation is about to start.

Rev 14:4-5

4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

5 And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.

The world has this notion that when you become a Christian you have to give up lots of things you would otherwise enjoy. It is not about giving up things you enjoy, but rather becoming so overwhelmed by the blessings that are in Christ that you have no time or desire for the ‘things of the old life’ – particularly when you come to realise that most of those things are actually a cleverly disguised deception by Satan intended to bring pain and misery. [Remember from our study in chapter 12 that Satan is our opponent! – He want’s nothing more than to trip you up, and destroy your life].

Marriage between one man and one woman is one of God’s most wonderful gifts, yet it has been mercilessly attacked by Satan. Along with this (and Evolution has to bear a large part of the blame for this) is the decline in morality. People have been told for the last 150 years that they are just evolved animals, with animal instincts, so it is no wonder so many now behave like it. Yet marriage speaks of more than just the union between a man and a woman, Paul tells us that marriage itself was given to speak of Christ and the Church. He as the Bridegroom and the Church as his chaste virgin bride (2 Cor 11:2).

Throughout history many have chosen to live single lives, not out of a sense of duty, or to earn favour with God, but because of love. Love for Jesus!

These 144,000 simply give their lives over to Jesus, choosing to live for Him. Their reward will be great! It is just an interesting point to note that all of these individuals will be men, and are counted as the firstfruits of the nation of Israel (the remainder of the nation will, shortly after this repent and turn to Jesus, calling out to Him to deliver them from the approaching armies of Antichrist).

How incredible that God’s word records them as without fault! – the same is true for all who put their trust in Jesus.

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen”. (Jude 24-25).

One final observations should be made on these verses before we move on: in chapter seven 144,000 were sealed for their ministry. Here in chapter 14 we have 144,000 that are standing before the Lamb. In other words Jesus didn’t lose a single one! This is a great comfort to us because whom Jesus seals He will also protect and bring safely into His presence

2nd Section.

Rev 14:6

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people

Some have tried to work out what this means; quite frankly I think it means that there is going to be an angel who flies in the heavens who preaches the everlasting gospel to all those who dwell on the earth. Why make it more complicated than this?  I accept that this is not a normal situation, but these are not normal times. Why an angel? Because all God’s people have been removed in readiness for the outpouring of His wrath during the Day of the Lord.

Rev 14:7

Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

It is extremely interesting to note what the angel says; firstly we have a declaration that the hour of His judgment has now come. Secondly the angel is presenting a ‘Creation message’, that God is the Creator of all things; things did not come into existence on their own. Evolution is science fiction and a fraud (See Appendix  A).

Verses 6 & 7 are the second section out of five in this chapter (the first dealt with the 144,000). The angel that John sees here is going to be the first of six angels that are introduced in this chapter.

3rd Section

Rev 14:8

And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

The third subject that we are given a brief glimpse into in this chapter is the destruction of Babylon. This will be dealt with in detail when we get to chapters 17 & 18 where we will be introduced to this mystery that has been concealed through the ages. Since the Garden of Eden Satan has been at work to manipulate and control as much of this world as He can. After the flood he launched a three pronged attack: 1) a very literal attack on the Seed of the Woman (we looked at this in our review of chapter 12). 2) The second attack came though his manipulation of the world governments as we briefly saw in our study of chapter 13. 3)

The final attack (and the subject of this verse) came in the form of false religion, effectively laying down a smoke screen to keep people from the one true God. This began in ancient Babylon, then known as Babel.

There is good evidence to suggest that the tower of Babel was the work primarily of Noah’s grandson, Cush. That attempt to unite the world against God failed, so Satan was more subtle next time, and used Cush’s son, Nimrod, to try to create a world empire, with Nimrod as the first world dictator (very much a forerunner to Antichrist). Nimrod built his empire in the area known as Shinar (modern day Iraq), which is the pain where Babylon is located.

Genesis 10:10 records: “And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.” (before the Lord literally means ‘in defiance of the Lord’).

Throughout God’s word He has foretold the ultimate destruction of this seat of idolatry.

In Isaiah 13:19 we read:

“Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees’ excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there. But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there. And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.” This has not happened to date, but the time is coming.

Babylon was the source of almost all false religion and idolatry. We could spend hours documenting the spread of the idolatry that began with Nimrod, but thankfully we don’t have to because various scholars have already done it for us! Most notably Rev Alexander Hislop in his classic book ‘The Two Babylons’. So much of our culture has been influenced by ancient Babylonian religion; such as Christmas (the festival originally called ‘Saturnalia’); Easter, which comes from the name of the goddess ‘Ishtar’; the worship of the mother and child – embraced by the Roman Catholic Church with the characters names changed to ‘fit’ the Christian story; and many, many more. Satan has carefully manipulated the religions of the world to be a both a substitute and a counterfeit for the one true Way – salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

In our review of chapter 17 & 18 we will see just how intoxication the Babylonian religion has been and how she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

4th Section

Rev 14:9-11

9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

These verses are really self-explanatory but again serve to underline the horrific consequences of those whom God had created taking the name of His enemy on their foreheads etc.

Also note: day and night forever and ever.

There is no annihilation, just eternal damnation. This alone should surely be sufficient to make all mankind cry out for a Saviour? Sadly, many will not and so end up being deceived and taking this mark, sealing their own eternal destiny.  

5th Section

Rev 14:12-13

12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

One of the few comforts that those who become believers during this time will have is the knowledge that God will judge righteously and see that justice is done. He is faithful.

As we enter the Great Tribulation we enter the time of the mark of the beast, persecution of the saints and martyrdom in the extreme. This will be the hardest time to be a believer ever, hence the blessing for the few who ‘love not their lives to death’.

6th Section

Rev 14:14

And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.

We are now given a glimpse ‘backstage’ as Jesus prepares to return to earth for the infamous battle of Armageddon. This will occur at the end of the Great Tribulation. The crown is a ‘stefanos’ in the Greek, which is the crown worn by a victor. The reason for the sickle is made clear in the next verse.

Rev 14:15-16

15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

16 And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.

This is gruesome, but we must not forget that these are the people who have chosen to go their own way, aborting innocent babies by the millions, indulging in unnatural sexual relationships, using and abusing drugs and alcohol, oppressing the poor and needy, persecuting and killing believers, blaspheming and cursing God, and hating anything that is pure or true.

Rev 14:17-19

17 And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle.

18 And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.

19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.

A vine produces that which is to be presented to a king!

In John 15:1 Jesus declared that He was the true vine. As most people read this they see the obvious horticultural analogy, but few stop and ask what Jesus meant by calling Himself the true vine? The obvious conclusion is that if He is the true vine, there is another vine that is not true. Jesus’ mandate was to lead men to God, ultimately through His death. As we read scripture we find that there are two other vines mentioned in scripture that profess to lead men to the father, but in reality only lead to bondage.

In Psalm 80:8-15 we find that God had appointed Israel as a vine that should have been a witness to the nations, testifying to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. However, instead of this, Israel (through disobedience) became a degenerate plant (Jer 2:21), a byword & proverb (Deut 28:37). Rather than being a witness they brought God’s name into disrepute.  Yet the Jewish religious leaders still thought they were the only way to God. To this day, Judaism still purports to be the only true faith, and unless you convert to Judaism you are merely a Gentile & fuel for the fires of hell. Israel have become a false vine that cannot lead anyone to God.

The other false vine mentioned in scripture is the one in this verse, entitled ‘the vine of the earth’. Once again this false vine purports to be able to lead men to ‘God’ – whatever that ‘god’ may be. Whether pleasure, fulfillment, ritual, religious experience, or whatever else. This vine is that which began in Babylon – the final destruction of which is recorded in Revelation 18, and alluded to in verse 8 of this chapter. This ‘Babylonian vine’ is the epitome of false religion, it promises a way to spiritual security, but leads to destruction. Almost all world religions, past and present, have their root in Babylon.

This verse is when time is called on this deception and God’s wrath is poured out as pay-back for all the atrocities committed in the name of religion. Jesus is the only True Vine. He is the only Way, the Truth and the Life, and no man can come to the Father except through Him!

Rev 14:20

And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

The city is Jerusalem and this is the battle of Armageddon when the armies of Antichrist will march to destroy Israel once and for all, only to be met by a Jew riding a white horse – followed by the armies of heaven.

This is only a glimpse of these things, which will explore more fully in the coming chapters.


To be continued…

Appendix A

The Lie of Evolution

It is one thing for atheistic humanists to want to believe that there is no Creator and no purpose and thus have a need for the theory of Evolution to explain the universe and all therein; but it is amazing that still so many who would call themselves Christians happily accept this false religion and even believe that it is compatible with the Bible.

It is no secret that much of the leadership of the established church (who are merely the product of their liberal theological collages), embrace the theory of Evolution and see it as a perfectly acceptable explanation for our origins, choosing to believe that the Genesis account is simply ‘Hebrew poetry penned in Babylon – a combination of myth and legend’.

Of these people the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy: “If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.” (1 Tim 6:3-5)

What are the words of Jesus?

“Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female” (Matt 19:4)

“For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?” (John 5:46-47)

 “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.” (Luke 24:27)

Jesus clearly believed the account in Genesis to be true and declared that Moses was the author of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, quoting from each of them and attributing it to Moses. Jesus also stated that not “one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled” (Matt 5:18). The heart of the Law is the Ten Commandments as recorded in Exodus 20; in verse 11 we read: “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.”

In Exodus 31:18 we are told that this was written by the finger of God, and in Hebrews 6:18 we are told that it impossible for God to lie. So did God really create everything in six literal days about 6000 years ago? If we are to believe that, what about all the scientists that have ‘proven’ Evolution? And at the end of the day, shouldn’t we just concentrate on the Gospel message rather than getting side-tracked by issues like these?

Let’s answer one question at a time: What is the Gospel message?

According to the apostle Paul the gospel is that “Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures” (1 Cor 15:3-4). Now, why did Christ die? Clearly we are told it was for our sins. In Romans 5:12 Paul tells us that by one man [Adam] sin entered the world and death came because of sin. Paul is obviously referring to the Fall as recorded in Genesis chapter 3. Therefore, according to the Bible there was no death before Adam sinned, and the reason that Jesus came to die for us was because of sin that entered into the human race through Adam and so spread to all mankind.

You see, without a literal Garden of Eden and literal Adam there could be no literal Fall. If there was no literal Fall there is no need for a literal Saviour, and Jesus wasted His time. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that this is just a side issue!

The religion of Evolution teaches that ‘nothing’ exploded and became everything. If that is believed it is on the basis of faith and faith alone. Even the ‘great’ Richard Dawkins, champion of Evolution, said that ‘religion’ is belief in the supernatural. ‘Nothing’ exploding is not natural – I think you’ll agree! So, by definition it is super-natural. Richard Dawkins also said that religion requires belief in things that cannot be verified by science. ‘Nothing’ exploding, life from non-life, information formed by random chance, species changing from one form to another…etc., none of these can be verified by science (which demands observation using one or more of our five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste & smell).

Evolution teaches that we are continually improving; the Bible teaches that we have fallen and are in need of a Saviour. Evolution teaches that things are getting better; the Bible teaches that things are getting worse – and will continue to do so until Jesus returns. Evolution teaches that the white man is more evolved than the black man (Hitler used this to justify the extermination of the Jews, believing them to be less evolved); the Bible teaches that God has made of one blood all nations of men (Acts 17:26). Evolution teaches that there is no God; the Bible says only a fool would say in his heart that there is no God!

So what about the scientists?

Universe is made up of two words: Uni – meaning ‘single’, and verse – meaning a spoken sentence. Thus Uni-Verse = a single spoken sentence: ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth’.

  • Modern science has finally realised that the universe is finite; that is, it had a beginning. The Bible stated this on page one.
  • Scientists now know that our reality consists of time, space and matter. Again, the opening words of the Bible declare that: ‘In the beginning’ = Time, ‘God created the heavens’ = Space, ‘and the earth’ = Matter.
  • The Bible said that the earth was a sphere – scientists eventually verified this.
  • The Bible said that there were ‘paths in the sea’ – this insight led to the science of Oceanography thanks to Bible believing Matthew Maury.
  • The Bible explained the water cycle – thousands of years later, scientist ‘discovered’ this.
  • The Bible described air currents thousands of years ago. We now have Meteorology.
  • The Bible declared that air has a mass – not until the sixteenth century did science catch up.

We could carry on with page after page including medical insights in the Bible completely unknown until modern times.

Many of the greatest scientists in history believed the Bible, and many still do. Dr A. E. Wilder-Smith had three earned doctorates and many feel that the only reason he was not awarded a Nobel prize was because of his unrelenting stand that the Bible was true. Answers in Genesis, a ministry that promotes the Bible as God’s word and demonstrates that true science and the Bible are completely compatible, list pages of qualified scientists who believe, for scientific reasons, that God created the heavens and the earth in six literal days about 6000 years ago.

There is no problem with reconciling science and the Bible; the problem is with the unscientific theory of Evolution, for which, some of Evolutions leading proponents have conceded, there is no evidence, just belief. Sadly, it is this theory that has led so many to abandon faith in the Bible and therefore in God.

  • Sir Arthur Keith who wrote the forward to the 100th Edition of Origin of the Species said: “Evolution is unproved and unprovable.”
  • Professor Louis Bounoure, Director of Research, American National Centre of Scientific Research said: “Evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless.”
  • Malcolm Muggeridge, British journalist and philosopher said: “I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it has been applied, will be one of the great jokes in the history books of the future. Posterity will marvel that so flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has”
  • Dr. T.N. Tahmisian of the Atomic Energy Commission (USA) said: “Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever.”

Evolution is a scientific impossibility. It is a religion fathered by the father of lies. Sadly, many brilliant minds have fallen hook, line and sinker for this grown-up fairy tale, or they perpetuate their intellectual dishonesty in order to secure grants and avoid upsetting the status quo.

But one thing is sure, there will be no evolutionists in either heaven or hell!


Every blessing,


Pastor Barry.




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