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Three Words That Changed Everything!

They are the most damaging, malicious and vengeful three words ever uttered in time and space. “Has God said?” Satan’s objective was clear; cause Eve to doubt God’s Word, in so doing, get her to focus on this forbidden fruit. If Eve fell for Satan’s ruse, he would be able to lay claim to this […]


The Sanctified Sabbath

In Chapter 2 of Genesis, we see God sanctify the Sabbath, i.e. set it apart. Why was God so insistent on Israel keeping the Sabbath? In Numbers 15:32-36 we have the account of an individual who was put to death for simply gathering sticks on the Sabbath! Now, there is not a person on this planet […]


The Beginning of Life – Day 5 & 6

We continue our verse-by-verse study in Genesis, picking up at chapter 1 verse 20: If you want to listen to the audio teaching associated with these verses, you can find the Audio and Powerpoint slides in the Sunday Morning Teaching section: CLICK HERE Genesis 1:20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving […]


The Battle for the Earth!

Ever since God created the Earth there has been an intense battle for it. Satan presumed God was creating it for him: “To whom would the king delight to do honour more than to myself?” (Esther 6:6); but then God gave it to man! (Genesis 1:28-30) Using deception and cunning Satan then usurped man and claimed […]


In the beginning…

As we continue our verse-by-verse study in the book of Genesis, we now move into verse 1 and make some surprising discoveries! These blogs over the coming weeks accompany the teaching sessions (which can be found in the ‘Teaching & Audio > Sunday Morning Studies’ section of this web-site. I hope and pray that (if […]


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