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The Second Coming (Pt1)

In our journey through the Book of Revelation we have come as far as chapter 19. May the study notes below encourage you to undertake your own study of this book, and this event that is arguably the most anticipated in all history! For every prophecy in the Bible concerning Jesus’ first coming, there are […]


Seven Golden Lampstands

This morning we continued our journey through the book of Revelation and looked at John’s vision of Jesus in chapter 1. There are eight characteristics given that help to reveal to us a little more of the Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer and judge of all things. As John turns to see this One who speaks with the […]


Revelation – new study begins today!

This morning we began a verse-by-verse study through the Book of Revelation – which is particularly timely given the rapid changes in the world. Back in October 2015 The Independant reported “Sweden ‘fast becoming world’s first cashless society’”[1]. In May last year the we read that the “UK moves towards cashless society” [2], and at the same time […]


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