2 Peter Ch1 19-21

This teaching by Pastor Barry on Biblical Prophecy was recorded as part of our journey through 2nd Peter on 18th October 2020.

In the previous verses Peter has made the point that he did not make this up; it wasn’t just an elaborate plot to come up with a story to sell books in the 1st Century!

Peter tells us he was an eye witness of the things he has written about. He was there, along with James, John, Matthew and the other disciples.

Peter even gives us the inside story on the events that occurred on the top of Mt Hermon* when just Jesus, James, John and himself climbed up and there they saw Jesus literally start glowing! Then Moses and Elijah turn up, and to cap it all, they then hear God’s voice. An experience like that should be enough to make a believer out of anyone! A few days before, Peter had declared that Jesus was the Messiah – the Son of God. Now, any questions he might’ve had evaporated in an instance as he gets a glimpse of Jesus glorified.

It is often  that way for us. It is not until after we make a profession of faith that we get to really see Jesus as he is.

But what about the sceptics, then and now? What about those who didn’t get to go to the top of the mountain? How can they be expected to believe? Even if they have the testimony from eyewitnesses (as we looked at and documented in last week’s study) to confirm all that the Gospels records is true, how can people – especially today in our science-driven fact based world?

Well, Peter doesn’t gloss over our sceptic friends and their need for evidence. In fact Peter in these three verses presents something he says is even more substantial, even more robust, and provides undeniable proof that Jesus really is the Messiah and that the Bible is God’s Word to mankind!

People say ‘you can’t prove the Bible’, ‘you can’t prove the existence of God’. Wrong! We can, and Peter tells us that we can do it through Prophecy. It is undeniable, freely accessible to all to investigate and verify, and provides great and stronger proof than for anything else in the entire universe!

The slides used in this study are attached and are free us use.


May you be astounded, blessed and encouraged by this study! – but most importantly, may you put your trust in Jesus like never before!



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