Palm Sunday – The Hour Has Come! (2021)

This study on Palm Sunday was given by Pastor Barry Forder on 28th March 2021. Palm Sunday… It was, of course, the day we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey – famously fulfilling the prophecy from Zechariah 9:9 given sone 500 years earlier. We know from scripture that a ‘multitude’ of Jesus disciples […]


Jude vs 12-19

This teaching was given by pastor Barry Forder on 14th March 21 as part of Calvary Portsmouth’s on-line family service. Jude has been detailing the characteristics of the apostates who have crept into the church. In the previous study he has explained they have no regard for authority, and then how they are like Cain, […]


Jude vs 11b

This study of Jude vs 11 was given as part of Calvary Portsmouth Sunday morning service on 7th March 2021. In the previous session we began to look at the first of three examples Jude gives to help us understand the typical characteristics of apostates – i.e., the fruit they produce. In this session we […]


Jude vs 11

This teaching was given by pastor Barry Forder on 28th February 2021. Building on our study last week, we now begin to see Jude list 30 characteristic of apostates. Not only is this a good expose of these people, it serves as a checklist of what we should not be! 1) Filthy dreamers 2) Defile […]


Jude vs 6-7

This study of Jude vs 6-7 was given by pastor Barry Forder on 14th February 2021 as part of Calvary Chapel Portsmouth’s online family service. Jude wanted to write a letter of encouragement, but found himself compelled by the Holy Spirit to write a letter of warning. As Jesus had foretold in Matthew 13, ‘tares’ had […]


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