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Go in peace!

In this study, our guest speaker Lekan Adejumo, teaches from Luke 8 about the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years before meeting Jesus. Jesus’ words ‘Go in peace’ have resounded through the centuries and can carry as much meaning for you today. May you be blessed and encouraged by this study. […]


The Hidden Treasures of Christmas – Part 1 (2023)

Jesus said that tradition undermines God’s Word – Matt 15:6. But sadly, because of tradition people miss out on incredible truths and blessings found in the Word of God. Tradition blinds people and builds up walls against the truth,;so much so, that people will vehemently defend their tradition over the truth! This is never truer than […]


The Other Christmas Story

The Other Christmas Story – the one that’s never told! You know the traditional Christmas story right? You might know ‘the truth’ about Christmas… But do you know the other Christmas story? By the time December comes around, the other Christmas has been been sung about for weeks. Supermarkets and Shopping malls have been declaring it; yet […]


The Truth About Faith

This teaching on Faith was given on 24th November 2019 by guest teacher, Pastor Scott Gallatin, from Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes (USA). What is Faith? How much Faith do you need? Do you wonder if you have enough Faith for God to answer your cries? In this teaching, Pastor Scott takes us through the account […]


Jeff Cuozzo – Romans 12 1-2

This teaching was given by Pastor Jeff Cuozzo as part of our family service on Sunday 11th March 2018. Jeff taught on Romans 12:1-2, on how we should be transformed (metamorphosised) by the renewing of our minds so that we can know the blessings and peace that come from a sound mind and a heart […]


The Battle Belongs To The Lord

In this study, recorded at our family service on Sunday 19th November 2017, guest speaker, Ilir Begaj looks at examples from the life of David to underline that the battle belongs to the LORD. There were many times David could have had confidence in the flesh, that is, trusted in his own abilities and strength, but […]


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