Sermons on Christmas

The Hidden Treasures of Christmas – Part 2

This concluding part of our mini-series on the Hidden Treasures of Christmas was recoded on the 12th December 2021. We have seen the reason Bethlehem was chosen (500 yrs beforehand) was because it was the town of sacrificial lambs – born in Bethlehem, offered in Jerusalem. The reason the shepherds were chosen was because their […]


Why Magi?

This teaching was given by pastor Barry Forder on 20th December as part of our Christmas 2020 series. Last week we looked at why God would send seemingly obscure shepherds to see Jesus at the time of His birth. Far from being a random choice, we noted that the shepherds on this hills around Bethlehem […]


Does It Really Matter?

This teaching, entitled “Do the details really matter?”, was given as part of our family service on 17th December 2017 by Pastor Barry Forder. Do the details really matter? Consider the following from the business world: What is your tolerance for being off course?  Are you ok with a one degree mistake?  At first glance, […]


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