The Hidden Treasures of Christmas – Part 2 (2023)


Q. What do the Wise Men, Simeon and Anna all have in common? (see Luke Ch2 vs 25-26 / 36-38 / Matt 2:2)

A. The arrival of Israel’s new-born king didn’t take them by surprise! They had been patiently awaiting, and expecting, His arrival.

The Wise Men (Matthew gives them their proper title ‘Magi’ in the original Greek text), had been waiting since the time of the prophet Daniel, some 500 years earlier, for the arrival of the One who was to be King of the Jews – but who were these Magi, why had they travelled so far? Why did all Jerusalem shake at their arrival,

Join pastor Barry as we uncover more hidden truths from the Christmas story. 




May you have a blessed and Christ-Centred Christmas!


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