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Hebrews Chapter 2

This study of Hebrews chapter 2 was given by paster Barry Forder on 26th January 2020 as part of our family service. In this study we consider the danger that tradition poses to the truth, and why the writer to the Hebrews is insistent that the Jewish believers, to whom he was writing, hold tightly […]


Hebrews – Chapter 1

This study in Hebrews chapter 1, was taught by pastor Barry Forder at Calvary Chapel’s family service on 19th January 2020. In this study, we look at how the writer to the Hebrews begins to show that Jesus is greater than all angels, and all other powers because He has rightfully become the heir of […]


The Truth About Faith

This teaching on Faith was given on 24th November 2019 by guest teacher, Pastor Scott Gallatin, from Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes (USA). What is Faith? How much Faith do you need? Do you wonder if you have enough Faith for God to answer your cries? In this teaching, Pastor Scott takes us through the account […]


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