1 Corinthians Ch3

This study of 1 Corinthians chapter 3 was recorded on 22nd October 2023 at Calvary Portsmouth. 

In this study, pastor Barry considers how Christians should have a profound sense of self-worth when we consider God’s love for us and the price God paid to purchase and redeem us. Understanding how much we mean to God should help prevent the factions that had developed in the Corinthian church, where we so often try to align ourselves with others we perceive to be successful – in life or ministry – in an attempt to ‘feel good’ about ourselves. We all want to back a winner!

In the Corinthian church, some perceived Paul to be the most learned, others sided with Apollos because of his eloquence and wisdom; still others saw Peter as the leader they wanted to be seen to follow. 

Paul argues that we should all simply be followers of Christ, not a man or ministry. Good Bible teachers, ministers and pastors should lead us to Christ, not to themselves.

Rather than producing greater spiritual depth, this attitude had actually stunted their growth. They were like babies that could only handle milk and were not yet ready for solid food. 

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study. 




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