1 Peter Ch1 10-16

This teaching on 1 Peter 1 vs.10-16 was given by pastor Barry Forder on 5th July 2020.

In this study we see Peter admonish us to:

  1. Gird up the loins of our mind – literally, to live ready to go at a moment’s notice, just as the Children of Israel in Egypt on the night of the Passover.
  2. Be sober – i.e. don’t be controlled (intoxicated) by outside influences (love, hobbies, work etc.)
  3. Hope to the end –  i.e. Set your hope fully (‘unchangeably’) on what awaits you when Christ returns for you
  4. Not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts – Don’t live your life now as you once did before you knew Jesus! There must be an outward change that reflects the inward change
  5. Be holy – this is not a suggestion but an imperative! However this is not a ‘legal requirement’ as we are no longer under the law, but it is a statement of how a Christian will live once we know the Love of God and live secure in that love.


All of this should be how we live once we realise we have been born again, received the priceless (and everlasting) gift of His Holy Spirit and been beneficiaries of all the prophets of old wrote for us! We have their examples and the models they gave us so we are without excuse. If they could live godly and obedient lives without all of Scripture being then written, how much more should we be able to live holy lives who have the whole counsel of God, the indwelling Spirit and His abundant grace freely available?

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.


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