1 Timothy 1 1-5

This teaching was given as part of our family service on 27th January 2019, taught by Pastor Barry Forder.

In this session we look at the opening 5 verses of Paul’s first letter to Timothy and see that Paul gives Timothy two essential qualities that should be found in any spiritual officer within the church:

  • He must be a man of faith, and
  • He must be motivated by love.

Paul also explains the three fundamental responsibilities for a pastor in a local church:

1)  Teach sound doctrine                 vv.1-11

2)  Proclaim the Gospel                  vv.12-17

3)  Defend the faith                         vv.18-20

Above all, what we do in the church must be done in love, out of a pure mind and good conscience.

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.


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