1 Timothy 2 5-15

This teaching, by pastor Barry Forder,  was recorded at Calvary Chapel Portsmouth’s family service on 17th February 2019.

In this study, we continue to look at the order in the church and see that at the heart of it is the condition of our hearts!

Are we prepared to submit to one another in love? Are we prepared to submit to the authority God has placed above us? For men we have to submit to government and the powers that be – that we might, by our peaceable and godly lives be a witness that would lead others to Christ. Godly men are not about flexing muscles and showing wrath.

In like manner, women should not flaunt themselves but be willing to learn ‘peaceably’, recognizing God’s order in creation. Whilst a woman may teach in a variety of situations, the office of Pastor is for men only, and then only for a few men that God specifically calls. It is a sad fact that practically all denominations now appoint women as pastors

Whilst Paul would have women learn in silence (i.e not shouting out in public meetings), a woman is given the great responsibility of raising Godly children that would continue in faith, love, holiness and with sobriety. The influence that God has entrusted to women is a powerful thing!

Paul would have the men step up and get on our knees and fight like men – in prayer!

Women are not to usurp the authority of the man, for God calls the men to march first into battle. Even Deborah, a Judge of Israel, in Judges 4, had the wisdom to get Barak to lead the army of Israel against the enemy. In the few examples in scripture where the woman as usurped the man and ‘gone into battle ahead of him’, it has never ended well! From the Garden of Eden to woman in Revelation 17 & 18.

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.



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