2 Timothy 3 4-9

This teaching, given by Pastor Barry Forder on 21st July 2019, from 2 Timothy 3 continues to look at the way the Apostle Paul said the world would be in the last days.

This world has chosen to reject God and all that is good in its pursuit for self-gratification.

The world is big on amusement but low on morality. The Government and media, and all who shape people thoughts, are heady and high-minded, speaking and writing with impunity as if they are accountable to no one for their thoughts and words. But what foundation do they have for the ungodly propaganda they spread? If all they have is their own opinion, why should their opinion be any more valid than mine? They want me to conform to their liberal values and ideologies, but it seems to not have occurred to them that my values – Christian values – should be just as acceptable in this day of toleration as their own! Particularly given that the values Christians hold to have a foundation other than our own opinion. They are founded on a wisdom that has shaped society & nations for almost two millennia! It is a wisdom that has not come from a fallible human mind, subject to change and swayed by popular opinion, but from the mind and heart of God Himself, communicated to us through His never changing Word!

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.

The Powerpoint slides used in this presentation are available as PDF to download free of charge, along with the audio recording of this session.



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