5 Reasons to Praise God

This study was taught by pastor Barry Forder on the 27th December 2020.

After a turbulent year this is a timely reminder that we have many reasons to keep praising and trusting God.

In this study we look at just 5 reasons we should be praising God:

  1. “Blessed be the Lord – your deliver” – we are saved!

Exodus 18:10

  1. “Blessed be the Lord which has not left thee without a kinsman” – God is a God who can restore the years we have lost

Ruth 4:14

  1. “Blessed be the Lord which sent thee to meet me” – God keeps us from making stupid mistakes by His grace and leading of His Spirit

1 Sam 25:32

  1. “He gives & takes away – Blessed be the Lord” – The LORD knows what is best for us and is good and goes good.

Job 1:21

  1. “Blessed be the Lord for he has heard” – The LORD knows what we ae going through – He is still in control.

Psalm 28:6


May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.



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