Joel 3 vs3-21

This study of Joel ch3 vs 3-21 was given by Pastor Barry Forder on 10th October 21.

This incredible 3-chapter book of Joel lays out the history of Israel and it’s climatic future at the end of this age, during a period of time to come which the Bible calls ‘the Day of the Lord’.

Joel tells us that God will gather all the nations of this world together in the Jezreel Valley in Israel, also known as the valley of Megiddo. The coming world leader (whom we typically refer to as Antichrist), will launch an attack on Israel, who by that time will be in hiding in the Jordanian desert (the area previously known as Edom).

Just it looks as if there is no hope for Israel against this massive combined military threat, they will petition their Messiah – Jesus Christ – who will return to destroy their enemies, and then proceed to claim Jerusalem as His own, fulfilling countless prophecies and sitting on the Throne of David, from where He will rule the whole Earth!

In this study we look at John’s vision of these events recorded in the book of Revelation, as well as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah and others whom the Lord used to expound on the framework given to us in Joel.

Joel’s almost 3000 year-old prophecies are now approaching their climactic fulfilment in our lifetime. The schemes and plans of this world will soon give way to the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!

The countdown is almost over; it is time to decide ‘who is on the LORD’s side! There will only be one Victor!

May you be stirred and encouraged to walk with Jesus in these days!


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