Session 29 – Hosea Joel Amos Obediah

This study, taught by Pastor Barry Forder, is the 29th session of our ‘Through-the-Bible-in-a-Year’ series recorded during 2014 as part of our Sunday morning family services.

In this session, Pastor Barry gives an overview of the first four of the minor prophets, Hosea, Joel, Amos and Obadiah.   Each one of these prophets had something to say; the first three spoke directly to Israel, warning of the coming judgment for their disobedience, whereas Obadiah spoke to Edom (the descendants of Esau) of the judgment God would bring on them for the way their had treated Israel. Hosea speaks of the unfailing love of God, even for an adulterous people, and time and again we are reminded of His mercy. Joel, probably the earliest of all the prophets, has the longest reach and focuses both on the immediate situation, but also speaks way off into the future of the ‘Day of the LORD’ – something that for us now is just on horizon! Amos was a shepherd, and through his words we see the LORD, our Shepherd. He speaks of judgment, but also future restoration.

There are few books that reveal more of God’s character than these. May this overview prompt you to undertake your own study of these divinely inspired books.

The PDF slides are from the PowerPoint presentation used during the teaching session.
You can listen to the audio on this web page, or save it for later listening.


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