Session 34 – The Gospel of Luke

This study, taught by Pastor Barry Forder, is the 34th session of our ‘Through-the-Bible-in-a-Year’ series recorded during 2014 as part of our Sunday morning family services.

In this session we look at the Gospel of Luke.

With the Gospels we have a four-fold presentation of Jesus, each from a different perspective. Contrary to popular opinion, Luke was not a gentile, but a Jew (see Romans 3:2), and we know that he was Physician (medical doctor). It is therefore not a surprise that Luke presents Jesus as the Son of Man, focusing on His humanity.  Whereas the Gospel of Matthew begins by tracing Jesus’ genealogy back down the royal line from Joseph to king David, Luke traces it back through Mary to Nathan, the 2nd surviving son of David and Bathsheba.

Luke has also been called by some the Gospel of Prayer, as Luke constantly emphasises prayer through his Gospel.

May this overview prompt you to undertake your own study of this divinely inspired book.

The PDF slides are from the PowerPoint presentation used during the teaching session.
You can listen to the audio on this web page, or save it for later listening.


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