Session 43 – 1 & 2 Timothy

This study, taught by Pastor Barry Forder, is the 43rd session of our ‘Through-the-Bible-in-a-Year’ series recorded during 2014 as part of our Sunday morning family services. In this study we review Paul’s letters to the Timothy.


Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus are instructions for young pastors. In all three epistles Paul is dealing with two things: the creed of the church and the conduct of the church. For the church within, the worship must be right. For the church outside, good works must be seen. Paul deals with these two topics in each of the three epistles. In 1 Timothy chapter 1 Paul speaks of faith, the faith of the church, and underlines that the Law is not for believers, but unbelievers, the Law is to lead men to Christ, but of itself cannot save us. We are saved by grace through faith. Chapter 2 addresses the order within the church, not based on cultural expectations, but rooted in God’s order laid down in Eden. Chapter 3 concerns the officers of the church, and the requirements of those who are called (and have the privilege) to serve. Chapter 4 describes the apostasy that was coming (and is now in full swing), putting the emphasis on the importance of sound doctrine; and chapters 5 and 6 give basic instructions to be observed within the church “that the name of God and his doctrine be not blasphemed” (6:1)


In Paul’s second letter to Timothy, he continues to give this young pastor instruction for the ministry. Once again, the importance of doctrine is underlined (1:13), without which it just becomes human opinions. In chapter two Paul returns to one of his favorite themes – grace. For any minister or ministry to function, the prerequisite is to “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (2:1), everything else flows from this. Personal study and an understanding of the scriptures is mandated (2:15), as is a pure heart and mind (2:22). Paul then warns that “perilous times will come” (3:1), going on to describe the world we now live in. Because of this, all who live godly must expect persecution (3:12). However, we will be unshaken if we are grounded in God’s inspired Word, which is “profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works” (3:16-17). It is also our mandate to ‘preach the word’ (4:2), because many within the ‘church’ will reject God’s Word in favor of man’s fables. Paul said ‘the time will come’. As we survey the ‘church’ today, we find it now has.

May this overview prompt you to undertake your own study of these divinely inspired books.

The PDF slides are from the PowerPoint presentation used during the teaching session.

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