The Coming Judgment of the Church – Part 4

This final session in our 4-part series ‘The Coming Judgment of the Church’, taught by pastor Barry Forder, was recorded at our family service on Sunday 15th September 2019.

The Bible reveals that in the last days of this age, all religions will blend together into a single world church, which itself will eventually give way to the worship of Antichrist.

What began in ancient Babylon as a Satanic attempt to deceive mankind into following a false ‘seed’ will culminate in where it began, uniting all religions into a single faith.

From what we are told in Revelation 17 & 18, it appears that the Roman Catholic Church will be a major influence in this deception and just as Israel are revealed in Revelation 12 as the ‘clothing’ that protected the real Seed, ensuring the safe arrival of the Messiah, so the Vatican will prove to be the ‘clothing’ that has protected this false seed to make way for the false Messiah.

The Bible reveals that many (even within the Christian Church) will fall for this deception, which will be no doubt be presented to the world as the ultimate in acceptance and tolerance, embracing all and sundry regardless of morals or lifestyle, regardless of what god you worship.

Jesus said that the days before His return would be like it was in the days of Noah and Lot. Maybe only a few have dared to believe just how literally these words would be fulfilled! Yet, looking at the world today, and particularly seeing how quickly mainstream churches are giving in to compromise in the name of tolerance, we can now see these things being fulfilled before our eyes.

May you be blessed, challenged and encouraged by this study.



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