The Gospel of Mark 4 35 – 5 43

This study, taught by pastor Barry Forder, was recorded at our Sunday morning family service on 10th June 2018.

We have already seen a number of miraculous healings that Mark recounts for us; the paralytic lowered into Peter’s house by his friends; the leaper that began the Pharisee’s inquisition of Jesus, the healing of the man with the withered hand in the synagogue. In this study we see Jesus cross the lake of Galilee to heal a man possessed by a legion of demonic spirits (en route He delivers the disciples from a supernatural storm they were terrified would overwhelm them). We then see Jesus return to Capernaum to the cry of help from a father whose daughter was on her deathbed; and then, while on the way to see Jairus’ daughter, a woman who had been suffering from internal bleeding for 12 years reaches out and touches the hem of His robe.

What’s the connection? What is the formula for these miraculous healings?

Whose faith was required? The Paralytic’s? His friends? The demon possessed man (who surely wasn’t in his right mind!)? The woman who stretched out her hand to touch Jesus? Was it Jairus’ faith? Or was it the faith of his by-now dead daughter?

It wasn’t any of these things; there wasn’t a ‘magic’ formula for healing. Some were healed on account fo their faith; others were healed despite their lack of faith.

The secret? In a word…. JESUS!

It is only looking to Jesus that brings healing. Only looking to Jesus can bring healing. Only looking to Jesus can bring salvation. Only looking to Jesus can bring restoration and undo all the years of hurt. But if we look unto Jesus we will be saved. If we look unto Jesus we will be delivered from all the power of the enemy. If we look unto Jesus we will be delivered from sin and sickness.

If your focus is on the healing, you will be disappointed. If your focus is on the deliverance you will be despondent. If your focus is on the restoration your will be disheartened.

But if your look unto Jesus, there will be peace and joy everlasting! (Isaiah 45:22 / Hebrews 12:2)

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study

The Powerpoint slides used in this study are also available for free download from our web site, and the audio can be streamed or downloaded for future use.


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