1 Peter Ch3 18-22

This teaching on 1 Peter 3, vs 18-22 was given by Pastor Barry Forder on the 16th August 2020 at Calvary Chapel Portsmouth.

In this study, we note that Peter has reminded us that because we have this incredible position in Christ, we should:

–Start thinking!   (your life should be different now!)  1:13

–Don’t be like & do what you used to  1:14

–Be holy because you are now to be like Him   1:15-16

–Show genuine love for other Christians   1:22

–Act differently (in word and deed)  2:1

–Make a conscious effort to avoid sin   2:11

–Be good ambassadors for Christ in this world   2:12

–Submit to authority (Government & Employers)   2:13-20

–Wives submit to your husbands    3:1-6

–Husbands honour your wives   3:7

–Patiently endure affliction   3:14

Peter then gives us two arguments why we should endure suffering when it is God’s will.

1. Because Christ endured suffering & reproach by going to the Cross

–Thereby thwarting the plans of Satan

–Thus fulfilling the will of God that many might be saved

2. Because Noah patiently endured ridicule and persecution for 120 years when building the Ark

–Thereby thwarting the plans of Satan

– Thus fulfilling the will of God that many might be saved.

To make his point, Peter then speaks of the time when Jesus ‘proclaimed’ His victory over ‘the spirits in prison’.

The ‘spirits’ he refers to had rebelled against Godly authority in the time leading up to the Flood, a time during which Noah had endured suffering for His obedience.

In this study, we look at who or what the ‘Spirit’s’ are?

Why were they in prison?

When did Jesus preach to them?

Why did Jesus preach to them?

Peter concludes by asserting that Jesus is now shown to be above ever power and authority!

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.



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