Hebrews – Chapter 10

This teaching on Hebrews chapter 10 was given by pastor Barry Forder on 22nd March 2020 – also known as ‘the ‘first Sunday Coronavirus made us have Chruch online!’

In this chapter, the writer to the Hebrews continues to show Jesus’ superiority over the Law in that He came to complete what the Law had aspired to, but was unable to fulfill’.

The writer then gives a timely admonition – to carry on meeting together! Regardless of what obstacles may seem to be in the way – be it Coronavirus (Covid 19) or persecution or natural disaster or whatever may come… we can see that the Day of the LORD is approaching fast! So we, now more than ever, need to keep fellowshipping and encouraging each other as the time is short and there are many who will respond to the Good News of the Gospel if they only get to hear!

The chapter closes with the 4th warning in the book of Hebrews, that being to not ‘fall’ into wilfull sin.

The Five Warnings of Hebrews: 

1.Drifting    2:1-4

2.Disobedience   3:7-4:13

3.Failing to Mature   5:11-6:20

4.Willful Sin   10:26-39

5.Indifference   12:25-29

  • Great loss awaits those who fail to persevere: loss of reward and honor in Christ’s coming Millennial Kingdom

How can you avoid willful sin?

By continuing to fellowship, remain accountable, keep your eyes on Jesus, walk in the Grace He gives through His Spirit, and don’t allow your heart to become hardened through not trusting in Him (regardless of the external circumstances) and by remembering that a great reward awaits those who endure to the end.

Salvation is not the question here, it is inheritance that is at stake. Just as under the Law there was an offering for unintentional sins (through ignorance or weakness), but judgment awaits those who profess Jesus with their lips but deny Him by their lifestyles.

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.


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