Hebrews – Chapter 13

This final study in our journey through the letter to the Hebrews was given by Pastor Barry Forder as part of Calvary Portsmouth’s family service on 26th April 2020.

In this final chapter, the writer to the Hebrews gives some final exhortations, which can be broadly summarised as follows:

v1. Don’t grow complacent in your love for each other, but work at loving your church family daily.

v2. Continue to show the same love and grace to other outside the fellowship that you once received.

v3. Remember that you are part of a family of believers around the world – so pray for those who are struggling or being persecuted.

v4. Your love for others starts in the home, and the bedrock of the home is the intimate loving relationship between a husband and wife. It is a great and wonderful thing that is sacred, reserved only for within marriage where it is safe and blessed – and it speaks of Christ and His church.

v5. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting the next great thing. You have in Christ something better than anything the world could offer. If you are not satisfied and content with Christ, your focus is on the wrong things – which cannot bring comfort and fulfillment.

v6. Don’t ever worry about having little. The more you have on earth, the more there is to lose! Care about God’s opinion and not man’s!

v7. Pray for, then follow the example of those in spiritual authority in your lives.

v8. We have an unchanging anchor for our souls. Consider Jesus.

v9. Hold fast to that which is good – and don’t be blown around with every wind of doctrine. The Bible is all you need. “If the Bible don’t back it then it seems quite clear, perhaps it was the devil who whispered in your ear!” (Quote: Steve Taylor – ‘Guilty By Association’)

v10-v16. We no longer offer bulls and goats, our offering (from a grateful heart) is praise. That is the best sacrifice we can bring.

v17-v19. Pastors need the prayers of their congregation if they are to minister effectively.

v20-v25. It is Grace by which we stand.


May you be blessed and encouraged by this teaching.



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