James – Chapter 2

This teaching on James chapter 2 was given on 17th May 2020 as part of our family service.

In this study pastor Barry Forder takes us through James’ admonitions to look at the heart and not the outward appearance when someone comes into the fellowship. Sadly, the world continually feeds us with the mindset that the wealthy and prosperous, those with celebrity status or social standing, are the ones we should ‘like’ or ‘follow’, believing that by doing so it will in-turn bring success and happiness to our lives.

Experience tells us, as does James in this chapter, that so often it is the wealthy and prosperous that have no regard for others, and will more often be a detriment rather than a blessing in our lives.

…and who in the world that has success, fame and fortune is truly happy and content?

James reminds us that the Law is full of good and Godly advice that we do well to take heed of, but at the same time, we should remember that the legal power of the law ended for us when we came to Christ. The royal law, the law of liberty should instead see us act in a Christ-like gracious manner to others, just as we have been dealt with ourselves.

James then concludes the chapter by emphasising that if our faith is genuine, it will be accompanied by good works. Saving faith (which is all that is needed to be born again) is a faith that is intrinsically linked to good works – the works are the fruit that demonstrate our faith is alive and connected to the root!

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.


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