Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World

This teaching was given by Simon Turpin from Answers In Genesis as part of our family service on 1st October 2017.

Simon highlighted that there are two opposing worldviews that are constantly in conflict with each other. One is based on man’s wisdom and follows man’s rules. The other is based on the Bible – God’s wisdom – and His rules.

As parents, grandparents and any who have influence and impact in the lives of children, we need to lay a godly foundation for our children based on the Bible in every area of their lives. They will be bombarded by this ‘humanist worldview’ by the education system, the media, the entertainment industry and their peers. However, if we ‘train our children in the way they should go’, giving them a solid biblical foundation and reasons for the questions they have, they will not depart from it.

Those who were with us on Sunday were blessed by Simon’s talk. If you were unable to be there, it is worth listening to, and then sharing with others.

“The family is under attack today like never before. Wise parents need to recognize this and develop their own strategy for protection and counter-attack. A generation is arising around us that knows not the things of God, allowing (and even encouraging) pre-marital sex, abortion, homosexuality, gay marriages, gay clergy, and easy divorce. By and large, they do not believe there is such a thing as absolute truth or absolute morality. Not only is this degenerate generation arising, it already has arisen. While a remnant of truth seekers remains, the attack on the family has the potential to eliminate Christian absolutes from our society.

The attack is coming from those who build their thinking on the anti-God beliefs that are destroying society. This attack on the Word of God has resulted in the demise of the family unit—the very unit God uses to transmit the knowledge of himself to each generation and the world around”.

This extract is taken from: https://answersingenesis.org/family/welcome-to-the-war/

May you be challenged and encouraged by this teaching.



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