The Gospel of Mark – 1:16-45

This teaching, on Mark 1 16-45, was given on Sunday 6th May 2018 by pastor Barry Forder at our Sunday morning family service.

In this session we look at:

  • The calling of the disciples

–Peter, Andrew, James & John

  • Teaching at Capernaum
  • Deliverance of the demoniac

–He came to break the power of the devil 1 John 3:8

  • Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law

–He came to strengthen the week Romans 5:6

  • Healing of the multitude

–He came to the whosoever

  • Healing of the Leper

–He came to conquer sin in the flesh Romans 8:3


May this study bless and encourage you as you undertake your own study of God’s Word.

The PDF study notes and audio are available for free download.




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