The Gospel of Mark – 2

This teaching, on Mark 2 was given on Sunday 14th May 2018 by pastor Barry Forder at our Sunday morning family service.

As we continue our study of Mark we see the crowds becoming more curious about this Rabbi from Nazareth. News of His ‘doing the impossible’ and healing a leper had spread far and wide. Furthermore, the leper (who we saw healed in the last chapter) would have had to go to Jerusalem to present the offering required by the Law (see Leviticus 14) which then resulted in ‘certain of the scribes’ making the trip up to Capernaum to see the ‘Miracle man’ – who some were daring to call the Messiah!

Such was Jesus fame in the local area that four friends decided to take their crippled friend to Jesus to see if He would heal him. When they arrive they cannot even get near the door, so they climb up on Peter’s roof and start taking the tiles off – no doubt making a mess and considerable noise.

Mark’s excitement at sharing these incredible events comes across as he just want’s to tell the world about Jesus!

We see yet more miracles and healings in this chapter; Chuck Missler comments:

“Israel had been promised immunity from disease if they would be obedient to the law of God (Ex 23:25). Every blind, deaf, crippled or diseased person among them was a witness to their failure in this respect (Deut 28:15-23). In healing the sick, Jesus was undoing the work of the devil (Acts 10:38). In doing so, He was YHWH’s servant (see Isa 35:4-6).

Every form of disease healed by our Lord seems to picture some aspect of sin:
…a fever burning in the soul;
a leprosy polluting the whole being;
…a palsy making one utterly unable to take a step toward God;
…a withered hand incapable of true service.
Whatever form sin may take, Jesus can give complete deliverance from it.”

May you be blessed and challenged by this study.





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