The Greatest Mystery – Part 2

What if there were a people brought into existence as a sign, as a witness to the existence of God and as a vessel to bring about His purposes?

If such a people were to exist, what do you think would become of them? Wouldn’t you expect them to stand out? … to be different from every other people group on Earth.

And if there is a God and everything the Bible says about Him is true, it follows that there must also be a Devil, and everything the Bible says about him must also be true.  Logically it would then follow that…  If God had brought a group of people, a nation, into existence to stand as a witness to His existence and to fulfill His purposes… We could expect the Devil to have a peculiar hatred toward that group of people, and even go as far as attempting to destroy them.

Well, there is just such a people, they have remained an identifiable ethnic group despite the most vitriolic hatred and persecution ever known; despite being driven from their homeland for almost 2000 years.

The people? The Nation of Israel.

In this second study in our series ‘The Greatest Mystery’, Pastor Barry looks at the incredibly detailed prophecies concerning the history and future of the Jewish people, and looks and some incredible discoveries hidden in their Feasts and ‘religious holidays’.

But all of this – as staggering as it all is – is just the prelude to something even more astounding!

To be continued…


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