The Greatest Mystery – Part 3

This study, by pastor Barry Forder, was recorded on 17th November 1219 and is the 3rd in our series entitled “The Greatest Mystery”.

In our first session, we looked at over 20 undeniable proofs for God’s existence and the validity, accuracy, and trustworthiness of the Bible, demonstrating it has been given to us from outside our time domain.

In the second session, we looked at one of the principal subjects of the Bible – The Nation of Israel – through Whom God has chosen to reveal Himself to this world. In his final address to the Nation Moses spoke of the blessing they would receive if they obeyed God and His laws, but he also spoke of the punishment that would come upon them if they disobeyed. Furthermore, he told them what would happen to them in the centuries and ages to come – he foretold their future. Now, that should be impossible! To tell the intricate course of human events even days or weeks before they take place cannot happen, let alone speaking thousands of years into the future of a nation. But all that Moses said has come true with incredible detail & precision!

In this third session, we begin by considering “The Mystery of the 490”, and again see undeniable proof that God is in complete control in the affairs of man. All History has been working to His timetable, and His timepiece is the Nation of Israel!

We then look at what could be the greatest of all mysteries, “The Jubilee Mysteries”!

For Israel, the Jubilee would occur every 50 years, and those who had lost or sold their home or land would have it restored, your separation from that which was yours would be ended. To mark the Jubilee there would be the blowing of the Shofar – the rams horn, as a trumpet to announce the coming of the year of Jubilee.

  • What does the Jubilee signify?
  • Returning to your possession, to regain that which you had lost
  • For two thousand years Israel had wandered the world without a homeland, without a possession of their own.
  • But as prophesied by Moses, their return home would be a sign that we are in the end times, the final days of this era.

Although totally unprecedented, Israel have returned to the land, a sign that the ancient Jubilee Mystery is being played out on a cosmic scale, touching kings, prime ministers, presidents and world leaders alike.

May you be astounded and blessed by this study!



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