The Greatest Mystery – Part 6

This teaching by pastor Barry Forder, recorded on the 15th December 2019, is the final part of our 6-session mini-series on ‘The Greatest Mystery’.

In this session, we see how God has been working all things throughout history to His timetable and for His purposes.

This ancient mystery determines the course of world history, it touches everything from kings, to presidents, empires, superpowers, down to the most minute details… and, as we will see, everything happens to happen in the exact way, at the exact place, and at the exact time.

And no one’s orchestrating it, no one on earth.

We have already noted the rise and fall of empires, the raising to positions of authority those who will accomplish His will – all in accordance with the ancient Jubilean mystery. We now go on to explore hidden codes, prophetic messages from millennia ago now being fulfilled on the very days appointed. We will uncover secrets hidden in the earth for centuries!

But with all of this said, we still have to answer the ‘so what’ question.

Why does everything seem to revolve around this Jubilean mystery? –Prophecy, revelation, World History.

The simple answer is, that it’s because the principle of the Jubilee is about return & restoration.

The Jewish people stand for all people – what happens to them has to do with us all. In the natural, we have not all left our ancestral possession… But in the spiritual, all have lost what belonged to us, given up the title of what was once ours.

You can never feel at home in this world because it’s not your inheritance. It’s not your land. It’s not what you were created for!

Redemption is at the center of the mystery. But “Who is it that the Jubilee is for?” For the exiled, the separated, the broken, the fallen, the one who has lost.


May you be blessed, encouraged and challenged by this study.



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