2 Timothy 1 13 – 2 1

This teaching on 2 Timothy was given by pastor Barry Forder as part of our verse-by-verse study through Paul’s last letter, to his ‘son in the faith’ Timothy. It was recorded at Calvary Chapel Portsmouth on 16th June 2019.

In this session we see Paul urge Timothy to carry on the fight and not to give up, for we know that we are not following a set or creeds or instructions, we are not on a quest for self-fulfillment, but we are following a person, The Lord Jesus Christ!

Paul reminds Timothy that Jesus is able to guard all that we have deposited with Him, our good works, ministry, service; none of it is wasted. Most of all, He is the Anchor of our souls!

Yet we can be shaken, and like a ship blown off course, so Paul tells Timothy to Hold Fast! Don’t be led astray by false teachers, don’t waver from the pure doctrine you have received. As the old adage goes: “If it’s new it’s probably not true, and if it’s true it’s probably not new!”

Then, as we move into Chapter 2, Paul brings in the heavy artillery! Grace! It is all about Grace.

Without the grace that is in Christ Jesus, we cannot stand, walk or live this life.

Over the next few weeks we will consider this vital topic in more detail.


May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.


Pastor Barry.



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