2 Timothy 1 1-11

This verse by verse study of 2 Timothy 1:1-11 was given by Pastor Barry Forder and recorded on the 9th June 2019 at Calvary Chapel Portsmouth.

In the opening to this epistle, the last that Paul would write, he seeks to encourage his young ‘son in the faith’.

Ministry can be tough, there are attacks from without, doubts from within and the awesome weight that comes from knowing you are giving instruction to people that will impact, and maybe even decide, their eternal destiny.

The underlying theme of this letter is loyalty, and in chapter 1 Paul emphasises that Timothy must be loyal to the call of God upon his life even through the suffering and persecution he had and would continue to face.

But Paul acknowledges that  Timothy had an unfeigned faith. Dr Chuck Missler defines faith as ‘not belief in spite of the evidence… but rather obedience in spite of the consequences!’

May you be strengthened and encouraged by this study.


Every blessing, Pastor Barry.


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