The Mystery of Israel

This study on the Mystery of Israel was given by pastor Barry Forder on the 19th June 2022 at Calvary Portsmouth.

In the book of Romans the Apostle Paul speaks of the ‘Mystery of Israel’.

David Torrance said:

“Despite wars, persecutions and repeated attempts to obliterate them, they have kept their peculiar identity. They have remained a people apart from the other nations of the world, a testimony to the preserving hand of God. “For I the Lord do not change therefore , you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed” (Mal 3:6). “The very existence of the Jews in history, together with all that has happened to them in their long turbulent history, is proof that there is a God present and active, through His Holy Spirit, in history. By all normal laws of geography, history and ethnography, they ought as a distinct race to have disappeared long ago!”.

Most books on ‘systematic theology’ cover every major area of doctrine except one: the calling, purpose and future of the Nation of Israel. Yet 5/6ths of the Bible are devoted to the family of Abraham, and God’s unconditional promises to them.

Sadly, the erroneous doctrine that God has somehow finished with Israel has swept through the Christian church, leaving many unaware of just how important Israel are in God’s plan of redemption, salvation and restoration.

In this study we look at the Biblical origins of the nation of Israel, God’s unconditional covenants with them regarding the Nation, the Land, the Monarchy and the city of Jerusalem.

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.


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