Luke Ch22

This study of Luke chapter 22 was given by pastor Barry Forder on 6th August 2023 at Calvary Portsmouth.

In this study we look at the day leading up to Jesus’ arrest and trials before the crucifixion.

At the beginning of the chapter Luke gives us an important insight from a Jewish perspective that helps us plot the details of this week and clarify the timings of the events that took place. Rather than just ‘meaningless details’, we discover that Jesus was able to celebrate the Passover meal with His disciples in the upper room on evening of the 14th Nisan (our March/April time) – revealing to His disciples the stunning truth that all along the Passover had pointed to His ultimate death as the spotless Lamb of God, and yet He could still be offered as The sacrificial Lamb the next day, but still on the 14th Nisan as the Law of Moses decreed.

Part of our understanding of this comes from realising that the Jewish Day began in the evening (drawn from the days of Creation where God declared that ‘Evening and Morning were the first day.’).

May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.



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