The Monarchy – Past Present Future


This topical teaching by pastor Barry Forder was given on 18th September 2022.

Since Egbert in 827 A.D. the British Isles have had a Monarchy. Over the past week we have seen King Charles III travel to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and various places in England – all places where the proclamation of his reign has been announced – and he has been greeted with almost unanimous joy, with huge crowds lining streets and shouting ‘God save the king!’

But should we pray ‘God save the king’? What about the small minority that do not want to be under a monarchy?

In this teaching pastor Barry looks at:

  • The Biblical foundation of the Monarchy
  • The Biblical mandate for Monarchy
  • The Biblical future for the Monarchy

In these times of change and uncertainty, may this teaching give you confidence in our coming King.


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